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Weekenture helps active parents plan or discover eco friendly activities with their kids, stay fit, meet new friends and claim perks!

We have built a free-of-charge platform to help people reconnect with the environment by posting their outdoor activities or joining existing ones. We challenge them to come back often thanks to our Perks program that rewards their behavior (an influence about a sport, a location or a community) with gifts from brands caring about nature and sustainable development.

Our team has a strong desire to fight people volatility regarding environmental concerns. Because yes, be part of sustainable development is way beyond watching the last Al Gore’ movie...

People have lost connection with nature. Our assumption is that reconnecting with nature via physical activities drive families to raise awareness about sustainability (such as doing environmental cleanup or other volunteerism actions, also available on Weekenture).



By bridging offline and online, Weekenture gathers real-life data that can help brands better target consumer behaviors. By real-life, we mean actual facts. Influence about a sport, a place, a community... Turns out you can tweet about running in Boulder, CO without hitting the trail once a week, but you cannot fake it on Weekenture.

We monetize this perks program to advertisers, leaving the use of our platform free of charge for our users.

Advertisers are significant outdoor gear brands. We are targeting brands within the outdoor industry and involved in sustainable development, to provide them access to a tailored target of consumers. We designed a unique way for those brands to engage closely with these consumers and make them future ambassadors, simply by unlocking perks / gifts to the most active users of our community.

Team (including key partners)


Co-founding team includes:
- Matthieu Lefort (Biz and Product guy): entrepreneur, ultra trail runner, with an Msc in Management;
- Ronan Amicel (Technical guy): hacker, entrepreneur, with a PhD in Computer Science.

We have great advisors here in Boulder, CO committed to make Weekenture awesome!

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Hi fellow GOOD readers! We would love to get your feedback / ideas about Weekenture. As well as get to know your current ways to get outside. Don't be shy! -Matt.

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A full conference pass to Sustainable Brands '12
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