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TraX Actions is a disruptive mobile platform to reward retail consumers everywhere they perform sustainable actions. It is designed as a mobile application (app) to track and reward consumer actions performed in retail locations, at point of purchase. The TraX app seeks to positively alter behaviors whenever consumers utilize personal reusable cups, reusable bags, to-go containers and other items that make disposables obsolete. This mobile platform merges three emerging trends; mobile rewards, consumer action tracking and sustainability programs. TraX platform users are retail consumers, while retail business customers derive from large to small retail stores for reward offers.
The mission of TraX is to empower consumers and retail businesses to engage in new activities that remove disposable waste and reduce environmental impacts. The vision of TraX is to make disposables obsolete, to motivate consumers to action, to become the single platform for sustainable action rewards = 3BL.



TraX Actions leverages shared interests between consumers and retail businesses in improving retail system inefficiencies. We are creating a new value stream for reusables through a hybrid business to consumer and business to business rewards model. TraX rewards and tracks patrons who bring their own reusable cups, bags, containers and other products for retail store purchases. TraX services can be implemented at grocery stores, cafés, convenience/pharmacies and most consumer retail stores. Businesses benefit from increased consumer utilization of reusables as a means to improve waste, cost and labor issues and to shift consumer behaviors towards more sustainable actions.
TraX will be funded by business revenues only, to create wider user adoption with no barrier to access for all levels of consumers to take actions. Credits can be redeemed in three modes: cash values, eco-product/service offers or donations to local non-profit causes. TraX makes retail disposables obsolete!

Team (including key partners)


TraX Actions was solely founded by Jared S. Brick who remains the owner of this company. When seed development funding is secured, TraX will operate as a B Corporation maintaining options to have potential partners in the US and internationally. Team recruitment is currently underway on angel.co.

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I love this idea ....... well done TraX Actions ... let's get this baby up and running!!!

by FijiTime
over 3 years ago | Reply

A full conference pass to Sustainable Brands '12
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