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We are a lifestyle clothing/apparel line focused on providing clean water. One item sold gives one person access to clean water for 25 years.

We've partnered with a non-profit to build wells and distribute purifiers to those in need.

Based on the cost of building a well or purifier and the number of people with access, we know how much is needed for each individual person.

Our commitment to providing clean water is built right into the business model and is absolutely clear, one item gives one person person clean water.

We're sourcing from WRAP certified manufacturers to ensure that our clothing is made with complete integrity.



Our business model is that of a standard apparel company, focused on the 18-25 demographic. With each item purchased, one person will gain access to clean water for 25 years through our partnership with a non-profit.

Currently we are testing with graphic t-shirts, but will be transitioning to a fashion forward, minimalist design apparel.

This is being done in order to keep customers coming back to buy more apparel. People feel good about buying apparel that has a cause behind it, but they don't want to be walking billboards.

By providing clothing that is cause based but also fashion friendly, we will be able to provide more people with clean water due to recurring purchases.

Go to market is through online sales and marketing.

Scaling forward, we want to be in retail locations (such as Nordstroms) and opening stand alone stores.

We will be tapping into the $1.8 trillion retail industry and funneling it to provide clean water.

Team (including key partners)


Nicholas Morrow, Kyle Morrow

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It's an alright idea. I think sanitation methods are the most pressing issue right now. I also think that once people buy the product their won't be much reason to buy again. You'll get the do gooder groups and then market sales will fall off. Partnerships with non-profits are always an iffy connection because no one "really" knows if proceeds get there without corruption. Just a thought.

by MoneyMaker
almost 4 years ago | Reply

These are concerns we've definitely discussed.

We're pushing the "do gooder" market in a new direction, releasing apparel that people would buy on a regular basis. Clothes like any of your favorite lifestyle brands (Levis, Quiksilver, Patagonia, Hurley, etc...). Also releasing seasonal apparel in order to keep customers coming back.

You'll be giving someone access to 25 years of clean water but not a walking billboard. Subtle triggers to create talking points.

We're making it easy for people to help through purchases they would already make.

Also, we've talked with the non-profit as well as checked out their "operation cost donors," ensuring that all donations go directly to water projects. All operating costs are handled by outside donors.

As far as sanitation...clean water and sanitation go hand in hand. Clean water is needed in order to fix sanitation.

Thanks for bringing up your concerns. Let me know if you have any other thoughts or questions pop up.


by morrowni
almost 4 years ago | Reply

I like the concept. Just remember, it is important to make sure the product itself is desirable- not just based upon the fact that it does social good. Good luck with your idea!

by miamigregory
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Thanks for the input MiamiGregory. We've been doing a lot of market research and talking with different designers to come up with the best clothing to attract our demographic. Looking forward to launching a whole new line of apparel in the near future.

by morrowni
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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