African Renewable Energy Distributor

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African Renewable Energy Distributor

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We are on the design phase.

Company Description

A.R.E.D. was founded in 2012 has an independent power producer that offers renewable energy solution at a micro or macro level using technology such as M.S.C.C (Mobile Solar Cell Charger ) and C.S.P (Concentrated Solar Power) in East Africa.

We also provide a total energy solution for the industrial and commercial sector, small or large communities, public sector and many more…

So often the continent of Africa fall behind in technology and innovation for whatever reason; however, renewable energy is the new plain field of the 21 century. A.R.E.D. was started to level the plain field and allow the renewable energy gap to be reduce between developing and emerging countries. If we do not find a solution today, tomorrow will be too late. The cost of fossil fuel will keep rising and global warming will affect every aspect of our lives (water level, food production etc…)

Our goal is to have a positive social, economical and environmental impact that will be felt for generation to come.



To achieve the best impact, we decided to develop a franchise type of business model that will develop a win win situation for the company and the franchisee.
Our unit allow people on the go to charge their cell phones at a minimal cost between 20 to 30 cent. The unit can be connected to a bicycle or motorcycle. We have develop two stream of revenue.
1. The unit will be franchised to micro entrepreneurs that can lease the unit between $50 to $100 a month (depending on location). A sign up one time fee will be set up of $150. We calculated that the average revenue for the franchisee should be between $400 to $600 a month.
The leasing fee will cover any breakdown or component issues they may encounter.
2. We will be selling ad space on the unit that should bring between $100 to$200 a month per unit.
Our revenue should be between $150 to $300 a month per unit.
Our goal is to have at least 100 to 200 unit available our first 2 year then expand on the East African market after that.

Team (including key partners)


The team is myself and an engineer that is in charge of the design and finding companies to develop the prototype.
As a start up most of our work will be contracted.

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