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500Gallons enables small businesses like restaurants to become more sustainable.
Our free, online solution lets restaurants discover sustainability actions and provides in-depth details to help with implementation. Our analytics engine can generate custom sustainability plans for any restaurant.
Restaurants can improve their brand with a 500Gallons generated marketing page based on the actions they implement. This page is used to communicate their values to potential customers.
To improve the efficiency and life of their existing equipment, we provide restaurants with an easy to use ‘set and forget’ maintenance management system.
As our users become more sustainable we measure the impact primarily in two ways: one, by tracking their monthly utilities bills as they implement various actions and two, by tracking the purchases made by the users on our website. The latter is a very scalable method to confirm the implementation of sustainable actions and avoid ‘green-washing’.



Primary revenue comes via commission on sales sustainability products and services from vendors listed on our site.
Freemium plan to provide additional features to our users and partner organizations. Fee to use consultant account specific tools to facilitate sustainability implementation of multiple clients.

Initial go-to-market efforts will include generating awareness with restaurant associations and industry specific educational agencies. More structured approaches will include advertisements on vertical specific publications, partner marketing efforts as well as awareness campaigns. Partnerships with certification agencies, sustainability stakeholders like industry educational agencies, local governments, green chambers of commerce, SBA and NGO’s.
Initial launch in restaurant vertical which number 960,000 in the US. Subsequent launch in other targeted small business sectors which we have identified to number about 1.6M (< 500 employees)

Team (including key partners)


Amber Sharma, Founder, LinkedIn--> http://goo.gl/GTTC2
Krishnan Anantheswaran, Engineering, http://goo.gl/MD6PY
Mahesh Kumar, Marketing, http://goo.gl/kjKah
Sriram Kuchimanchi, Business Development, http://goo.gl/gRKzR
Shweta Khare, Information development, http://goo.gl/cjHto

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Thanks for sending me this information. Good luck with building this up - I like the fact that the revenue stream is coming from the vendors and not the hotels, and the tracking you are doing to prevent greenwashing. Great stuff!

by a g
almost 4 years ago | Reply

thanks ag our goal is to get every restaurant as sustainable as they can be on their own timeline. hence no consulting fees, or certifications or green labeling. restaurants do it at your own pace, and reap the benefits of promoting the same to your patrons. We believe the 'all-in' approach to being sustainable does not work for all nor does it scale. Our web app helps restaurants become environmentally friendly over time while adding to their pocket books in terms of higher revenues and decreased operating expenses.

by makster
over 3 years ago | Reply

What a wonderful idea! This will be a great encouragement to the businesses that are just starting up as they would need all the help they can get to manage themselves. I really wish you luck and I am sure it will sell..

by Sarvani
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Thanks Sarvani! We appreciate the encouraging words and your vote. This is the result of our passion to make our favorite eateries sustainable, one restaurant at a time, one sustainable action at a time. And do spread the word!

by makster
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Interesting concept! I found the product video very informative. One suggestion- on your site, the features page/ sub-pages are a bit hard to navigate. All the content is good, just needs to be reorganized. Best of luck!
- @GregoryAHoffman

by miamigregory
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Thanks for visiting and your comments Gregory. We appreciate your feedback and your words of support!
- The 500Gallons Team

by makster
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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