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Sustainable Brands Innovation Open

Sustainable Brands Innovation Open

Searching for the best and brightest for-profit startups who work to improve people's lives and/or our environment.

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The Specifics

Sustainable Brands Innovation Open is a showcase of creativity, innovative thinking and solution based approaches that seek to make a significant environmental, social and economic impact within the business world. In addition, it fosters collaboration between early stage eco-entrepreneurs and executives from some of the most influential brands in the industry, as well as socially responsible investors who can help take their ideas to the next level.

This new venture showcase is focused on identifying and promoting innovative new consumer brands, AND ventures that support existing corporations in achieving their sustainable brand innovation goals.

Tell us about your new venture! Submissions will be accepted under two categories:

  • The Idea Phase: the applicant has a complete business plan but no more than $100,000 of capital invested into the venture so far.
  • Post-Launch Phase: The venture is operational and has some early operating metrics to share.

Our expert judging panel will narrow the field to our top ten semi-finalists who will present their ideas at the Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego, California this June!

Judging Criteria:

  • Creativity in delivering environmental or social benefit, coupled with identified impact metrics (for example, “our business innovation helps customers lower their carbon footprint by XX% compared to the product we’re disrupting”, or “our innovation will help customers increase savings by XX% and keep their money local, leading to more stable local economies.”)
  • Team quality, particularly as it relates to demonstrated track record and understanding of systemic issues of sustainability.
  • Economic scalability: growth and impact potential.
  • Above and Beyond: bonus points for disruptive innovation. The idea has approached the issue from a new perspective and is offering a solution that will truly shift the market as we know it.

Awards Include:

  • A full conference pass to Sustainable Brands ’12
  • Opportunity to display your business idea as part of the Sustainable Solutions Expo
  • Pitch coaching from Darian Heyman, Founder/CEO of Code Green Agency
  • Visibility with highly influential industry leaders who can help you take your brand to the next level
  • One on one consultancy time with our judges, including high impact investors
  • Being part of the final 10 entrants who will pitch off for more prizes at Sustainable Brands ’12

You can watch this video to learn more about SB12.

Rules & Regulations

  • This Challenge is open for submissions from April 20 noon PT to May 4 noon PT.
  • Eligible applicants must be a startup company/early stage venture with a focus on sustainability or social enterprise; a 3P company i.e. for People, Planet and Profit; have between $0 – $5million invested in the company to date; and have a full business plan as part of the submission.
  • Submissions will be featured on this page and public voting will be open from May 4 noon PT to May 11 noon PT.
  • In order to vote, log in with your GOOD account. If you don’t have a GOOD account, it’s free to join. All you need is an email address or a Facebook account to register. You will be emailed a link that you need to click in order to validate your address.
  • Total estimated value of award package is $5,000, there is no monetary prize.
  • Read all the rules.

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Quiero compartir mi conocimiento y el desarrollo tecnológico Innovador, que he patentado en Italia en cuanto a material y sistema constructivo en base a la transformación de las celulosas en construcción de vivienda de todo tipo y en este evento estaríamos involucrando varios estadios en estos procesos:
1. La reducción de residuos o desechos y CO2, reducción de carga a los rellenos sanitarios.
2. La generación de empleo a los menos favorecidos, en diversas labores y escalas salariales.
3. Generación de vivienda digna sismo resistente y sostenible.
4. Nuevas formas productivas generadores de riqueza y de bienestar social.
5. Proyecto integral que reduce el consumo de agua potable en la construcción.
Videos You Tube: PANEL MURO FACIL Fusa.
Sistemas Constructivos Eco-Eficientes

by carlos mendez
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Hi Carlos, thank you for your interest in GOOD Maker! This challenge is open to US based companies, and all submissions must be in English. Email maker[at]goodinc[dot]com if you have any questions!

by moderators
almost 4 years ago | Reply

A full conference pass to Sustainable Brands '12
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Sea Level

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Friday, May 11

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